JJ Autowerks

Civic/Integra Oil Catch can/ Overflow Straightline Motorsports

Tired of seeing the same catch cans over and over? Same here, so we came up with a new design that not only looks awesome but its 100% fully functional. Introducing our Catch Can and Coolant Over Flow Can In one. Our catch cans are fabricated for the Honda/Acura (EG/EK/DC) Engine bays. All our products are professionally tig welded and are backed by warranty, We Stand Behind every product that leaves our facility. After many years of successfully Building/Fabricating/And Countless hrs of research and development, we are here to supply our customers with only the best products. Our catch cans are used on Engines Well over the 1200hp++ mark with little to no blowby. We use this exact Combo on our low 8 sec SFWD CIVIC. Eliminating Blow (crankcase pressure) will increase HP and keep you away from messy oil spills as well as prevent blowing out your valve cover/oil pan gaskets. The coolant overflow Will also Keep Any Unwanted Coolant the Radiator Cap Relieves, Secure it safely and spill-free in the can, Comes Complete with a filler cap and a drain bung.