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Saenz Performance S-Series Connecting Rods for Honda / Acura K-Series L15B7 (L1.5)

Saenz S-Series Connecting Rods are made from 100% USA steel of the best quality. The S-Series rods are the perfect combination of performance and affordability. As with all Saenz rods, these undergo a rigorous quality inspection process and offer the best quality machine work.

S-Series: Honda L1.5 S-Series Connecting Rods
Performance Grade: Tier 2
Off the Shelf or Special Order: Off the Shelf
Available in: 4340 Steel w/ ARP 2000 Bolts
Rated For up to: 
4340 Version: 800 HP
            Model Engine Code: L1.5
            C.T.C. Measurement: 5.55 (in.) / 141 (mm)
            Bolt Size: 5/16
            Pin Width: 0.700 (in.) / 17.8 (mm)
            Big End Width: 0.701 (in.) / 17.8 (mm)
            Big Bore: 1.692 (in.) / 43.00 (mm)
            Pin Bore: 0.787 (in.) / 20.015 (mm)

*Other bolt upgrades are also available.  Upgrade to ARP L19 for no extra charge. In order to make this change please contact us at Juan at jjautowerks.coms once you have placed your order and make sure to include the confirmation number and we will process the upgrade. 
**Saenz Performance guarantees the quality of the steel, the forging, the heat treatment process and the dimensional sizes. There are no further guarantees either expressed or implied by Saenz Performance or any of their agents. **